Tom Waits, more than rain/rain dogs

more than rain

It's more than rain that falls on our parade tonight
it's more than thunder it's more than thunder
it's more than a swindle this crooked card game
it's more than sad times it's more than sad times
none of our pockets are filled with gold
nobody's caught the boquet
there are no dead presidents we can fold
nothing is going our way
and it's more than goodbye I have to say to you
it's more than woe-be-gotten grey skies now

rain dogs

Inside a broken clocksplasjing the wine with all
the Rain Dogs...Taxi we'd rather walkhuddle a
doorway with the Rain Dogs...For I am a Rain Dog
too!Oh how we danced and we swallowed the
nightsfor it was all ripe for dreamingOh how we
danced away all of the lightswe've always been out
of our mindsThe rum pours strong and thinbeat out
the dustman with a Rain Dog...Aboard a shipwreck
traingive my umbrella to a Rain Dog...For I am a
Rain Dog tooOh how we danced with the Rose of
Traleeher long hair blackas a ravenOh how we
danced and she wisperedto meYou'll never be goin
back home!!

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